Intel Graphics Driver (Windows XP)

An easy to install graphics driver for Intel powered desktop computers that keeps your drivers up to date

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    (Windows XP)

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    Windows XP

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Intel's Graphics Driver allows users of Windows XP to use all of the features available in their graphics chipset. Intel's popular line of integrated graphics processors allows for a variety of modern computing tasks to be performed on any machine, including those running Windows XP. These graphics chipsets are perfect for home gaming, graphic design and other graphically intensive computing tasks.

The Graphics Driver for Windows XP promotes smooth and efficient operation of an integrated Intel graphics chip. It provides alerts when updates are required. Additionally, this software includes a task bar-based control panel for fine tuning a variety of graphics options that users may not be able to access through Windows XP's built-in graphics settings. The panel runs constantly in the background, which may deliver a minor performance hit over XP's default option, but provides a slick user interface for configuring everything from multiple monitors to the screen's refresh rate.

Options like custom resolutions and color enhancement will prove valuable for gamers and designers, or even casual users who would like a bit more control over their monitor's settings. The layout of the panel is fairly straightforward, but may be confusing or overwhelming for users who want only to perform simple tasks like changing their resolution or choosing a different monitor. On the whole, however, this software provides powerful options that allow users to get the most out of their integrated Intel graphics chipset.


-Software keeps itself up to date

-Many advanced configuration options provide full control over hardware

-Interface is slick and easy to access


-Interface may be overwhelming for non-technical users

-Tray-based button runs in background constantly

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